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Non Sense
Non Sense
Non Sense
Non Sense
Non Sense
Non Sense
Non Sense is a laid back Rock’n’Roll inspired women’s apparel and shoe brand with a contemporary touch. The collections echo of a true rebel and a contemporary mix of street-sport meets feminine, "pure nonsense and so beautiful"

All print designs, embellishment artworks, embroideries and patchworks are designed by Non Sense – which are an essential part of the brands identity and uniqueness.

The basic idea of Non Sense is to find different ways to make the fabric look alive and to make each piece unique either by using a specific wash, handmade tie-dye, exclusive prints, or an embellishment attached and everything is made by hand – This is the art of Non Sense.

Non Sense is a small revolution and a call to let go, do whatever, your own way.
Women are so much more than what meets the eye.
Come closer and discover it all.

Non Sense chief designer:
Award winning Karin Jimfelt-Ghatan